Hi, and welcome to Great Games For Women, a website devoted to finding and spreading the word about games that most people aren’t familiar with, but should be. There are some really good games out there that get no publicity, and I mean to change that.

This site is a work in progress. I add one new review as often as I can, with links to a site that offers the game for sale with a one-hour free trial. Whenever possible, I test the entire game because sometimes a game will change after the first hour, and it’s a real bummer to buy a game you love and have it change on you, not for the better. Since games are averaging four or five hours each, this is a slow and time-consuming process, but an important one. There are a lot of really crummy games out there, and most people don’t have the time to test them all to find the few really good ones.

Please support my effort by visiting my site and spreading the word about it to everyone you know. When you use my site to link to a game and decide to buy that game, my site will receive a small stipend, which I will use to buy more games to test. That’s right, they don’t give them away to us blogger-reviewers, we have to pay for them, and OMG it’s adding up big-time. That’s why I need you to tell your friends to come to my site.

If this website really takes off and I actually make a profit, I will use it to design better games than anything out there, because those games primarily are made by men, and we all know that men, clueless creatures that they are, don’t really know what women like — they even admit it! I’ve already started several game outlines, and when it’s time to create the games, I’ll hire women to do it.

That’s my mission statement, and I hope you support my efforts by coming here often, and telling your friends about me, and about greatgamesforwomen.com.

Thank you.

Christina M.


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