Welcome to Great Games For Women!!!  I’m so glad you’ve come.   If you are curious about computer games, would like to try new games, or even try your first game if you are new to gaming, then this site was made for you.

I love computer games, and I’m creating this website to share information about the best games I’ve found so far.  I’ll keep adding more game reviews and free trial links as fast as I can, and I hope you’ll return often, to learn about more great games.

There are so many new games out there!  How can you know which ones are worth your time or money?  Let’s face it… every game is advertised in a way that makes it look great, and on the game sites every game is praised to the skies… but when you try them, so many are such a disappointment.  Who can you believe?

You can believe me.  I promise you.  I’ve been disappointed and lied to, too many times, and I’m going to change that.  I will test those games and tell you what they’re really like.  Are they exciting and challenging and hours of fun, or are they confusing, boring, and just like so many others out there, absolutely nothing special, not worth your money or your time?

You don’t believe me?  I don’t blame you…  so check me out.  Read my Bio, and definitely read About My Biases.  We all have them, which is why so many gamers rave about games I think are the worst, and yet they pan my favorites.  Of course I think they’re wrong because, like everyone else, I’m biased.  I love mysteries, I love beautiful things, I love to relax…  and I want my games to entertain, enchant, and transport me.  On the other hand, I don’t want to be pressured, I don’t want to be lied to, and I don’t want a game to purposely and meaninglessly waste my time.  And so many games do just that!  And I’m sick of it.  So that’s why I’m doing this.  Come to my site, read my reviews, and save yourself a lot of time, and some money too.  I’m on your side.  I promise.


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I’m an older woman with a background in the sciences, and I live in the United States.

I know that doesn’t say much, but I’m reluctant to tell any more about myself at this time, because of all I’ve heard about hackers and web stalkers.  Perhaps when I feel more secure I’ll tell you more about myself.

This is my first attempt at a website and a blog, but I’m putting my heart into it, because this subject means so much to me.  I love to play games of all kinds but I’ve had a hard time finding computer games that I enjoy, and so I’m on the lookout for games that are both fun and worth my time.  I imagine other women would like the same games I like, and so I am creating this website to share what I’ve found.  I have a grandchild who is the world to me, and therefore I’m also thinking about young people when I review a game.  If a game is inappropriate for them, I will say so.

You can write to me at Christina@greatgamesforwomen.com if you have any questions.


I like to think that I’m open-minded, but to tell you the truth, I’m tired of the negative influence men have had on the world of computer games.  I don’t like their violence and the ugliness that is so often a part of the games they create.

Unfortunately, almost every game out there is designed and made primarily by men, and even when they are purposely creating a game intended for women, i.e. a “casual game,” they will add unpleasant and even ugly images, even to the prettiest of games.  For instance, have you noticed how often a snake will be included in a hidden object scene?  It doesn’t even have to be an outdoor scene, they’ll still put one in, indoors or out.  I don’t want to look at a snake, and I know I’m not the only woman who feels that way.  And that goes for spiders and skulls, too.  I also don’t have any interest in fixing cars or other machinery, and yet that is very often included. It’s like they’re leaving their mark.

I have other biases, too, which I’ll elaborate on at another time.


You probably play some games… perhaps Solitaire, Tetris, Slots, Ball Poppers, Zuma, Match 3, FarmVille, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga…

You may have looked at some game sites and been confused or overwhelmed by the vast number of games out there now, and more coming out each day.

And of course, some of you have never played a computer game, and you’re curious, but you don’t know where to start.  Boy, do I know that feeling!