Pipes Puzzle                                         easier                                       36 MB
Timer can be ignored                PC & Mac                Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  You are responsible for watering all the plants by rotating the hoses that connect them to the watering can.  When you are successful, flowers will bloom.

Hints:  Start at the borders, looking for the most obvious, and remembering that no pipe can be aimed at the border, and every pipe must ultimately be connected. ~ Then work toward the center, keeping in mind that you can even rotate the watering can (very important to remember). ~ If you get stuck, the hint button will correct one of your mistakes.

More Hints:  1500 points is the highest possible score, which you will receive if you complete the puzzle in less than 6 minutes. ~ If you care about your score you can check it by clicking on the flowerpot you’ve just made to bloom, and if you’ve received a low score and want to improve it (not necessary to continue the game), you can try again by clicking ‘yes’…  ~ but if you’ve won 1500 pts, click ‘cancel’ to refuse a retrial and to return to the game.

My Review:  This is a sweet game which exercises your brain and rewards your successes with flowers.

My Recommendation:  I love this game because I love Pipes Puzzles and I’m always disappointed when a game offers only one puzzle of this variety… so this game really hits the spot for me because this game is entirely in the connect-the-pipes format.  Of course, not everyone likes this kind of puzzle — perhaps it’s an acquired taste — so try it before you buy it.

You can try it for free, here:
For PC:   Blossom
For Mac:  Blossom


Farmscapes & Barn Yarn

Match 3 Game                       PC & Mac                                              198 MB
Untimed Option                                                         Walkthrough not needed

Hidden Object Game with Sales              PC & Mac                           226 MB
Untimed Option                                                         Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  Joe’s grandson Tom is up from the city for the summer, and he puts the boy to work to keep him occupied with something other than computer games, while getting the farm fixed up at the same time.  In Farmscapes, which occurs during the first summer, they work on planting a garden and selling the vegetables so Joe can afford to improve the property, in order to save it from being bought out and turned into condos.  In Barn Yarn the following summer, by selling what they find in a big old barn Joe has bought for very little money, they are able afford to turn that old barn into a very nice place for them to hang out, as well as to protect the farm animals during the winter.

Hint:  In Barn Yarn find butterflies & coins.

My Review:  Farmscapes is a Match 3 Game in which you make matches to obtain vegetables to sell, while  Barn Yarn is a Hidden Object Game with a Sales component.  Both are light-hearted and amusing, and  I really enjoyed both of these games because the characters are such fun to watch — especially the cute, rather chubby, and very naïve grandson.

My Recommendation:  I think your kids will like these nicely drawn, enjoyable, and charming games, and so will you.

You can try them for free, here:

For PC:   Farmscapes
For Mac:  Farmscapes

For PC:   Barn Yarn
For Mac:  Barn Yarn


Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid

Adventure Game                                harder                                        466 MB
Untimed                         PC & Mac                  Walkthrough definitely needed

I haven’t tried this game because the reviews mentioned some very serious criticisms, and I am unwilling to endure a 466MB download for a possibly problematic game.  But it really looks good, and beautifully drawn, and the hero and heroine really appeal to me, and someone mentioned there’s a Hobbit hut which I would love to see and explore, and I also love the robot dragonfly… hmmm…


So I read some more reviews, complaints really, in the Big Fish forum, and found out that, contrary to what everyone was saying, there IS a Walkthrough, and it’s available as a free download at the game developer’s website!  Now, that would solve almost every problem that the reviewers were complaining about!  All of a sudden this game sounds really worth it….

I’m getting it, after all.

If you do too, the Walkthrough link is here:
Between the Worlds 2: The Pyramid Walkthrough

The Walkthrough will appear instantly.  Click on the tiny paper icon in the upper right corner, next to the ribbon, to download it onto your desktop.

And you can test-drive the game here:

For PC:   Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid

For Mac:  Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid


Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales

Civilization-Building Game                               easier                            85 MB
No Untimed Option                               PC                     Walkthrough Needed
Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales Walkthrough

Premise:  You have been asked by the Wolf to build houses for the inhabitants of the forest.  The Pigs are wondering why.

Hints:  If you’ve been commissioned to build houses that bring in $800 rent, upgrade them just once and don’t bother painting them, so you can save your fairies for the other work.

My Review:  This game is a balancing act between cutting enough wood to build the houses, having enough fairies to cut the wood and build the houses, having enough money to buy more fairies and more woodlots, and doing it all before the clock runs out.  Whew, that Wolf is a task master… and he’s elected himself mayor of the village you’ve just built for him, and now he wants even more from you.  The illustrations are quaint and bright, the fairies are very pretty, and you get rewarded with a screen full of butterflies when you complete a level. What’s not to like?  Oh, yeah, that darn clock.

My Recommendation:  I’m half way through the game and so far I can still beat the clock… but I no longer earn blue ribbons for being speedy, and that bums me out.  And it’s getting harder.  If you can enjoy the game with such disappointment as not getting the blue ribbons after every level, and if this sounds like a fun game, by all means give it a try. It really is cute, and I’m wondering what’ll happen next….

You can try it for free, here:  Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales