Jewel Match 3

Match 3 Game                           easier                                                   17 MB
Untimed Option                     PC & Mac                    Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  You are attending a magical university, studying magical horticulture, and when letters from home stop coming and you return home to investigate, you find your city completely deserted and in ruins… and what are those strange, huge, black crystals?  You approach the only remaining structure — the town fountain — and find magical gems sparkling within the water.  Now you need magical seeds, which you will find during the Match 3 rounds.  Your goals are to rescue the five encapsulated wizard leaders of the city, restore their memories by planting those magic seeds, and maintain the magic plants that give the wizards their memories back, so that they can tell you what happened to the city and how to restore it.

Hints:  The jewels you gather via the Match 3 rounds will be used in the rebuilding, and to collect the jewels you will need as large a treasure chest as you can afford, so spend all your coins on treasure chest upgrades. ~ Creating matches below the items will enable them to fall down the grid and get released to you. ~ Explosive spells, hammers, and golden arrowheads will not damage any items or jewels; don’t be afraid to use them to get what you need. ~ During the Match 3 rounds, as you clear one board (called a “room”) you will unlock arrows that will point you to other  boards/rooms; when all that remains in every room is sparkling jewels, you’ve won that round and earned all the jewels, coins, bottles, and seeds you’ve released.

More Hints:  Match 4 or more jewels at one time and you create a multicolored gem which you can use as a wild card because it is every color. ~ Longer chains will create a gold arrowhead that will clear an entire row; save these and make them drop to where you need them, usually at the bottom. ~ If a board has squares that are covered with wood, your first priority is to uncover those squares. Make matches adjacent to the wood blocks to shatter them. When you’ve shattered as many blocks as you can, concentrate on other areas of the board to lower those items and also to remove the beige background tile behind every jewel. This will cause jewels to fall to bottom, where the wood blocks are, and soon you can rework the blocked areas. ~ Try to ignore the suggestions for matches that are constantly being offered to you, for they are simply the computer’s recognition of possible moves but not necessarily the most advantageous ones; stick with your own instincts, and refer to the suggestions only when you are totally stumped.  ~ If every room is cleared of everything but jewels, and the arrows keep sending you from one cleared room to another, like you’re caught in a loop, click on Menu, go to the Main Menu, press Play, and that will fix it. ~ If it’s been a while since you’ve played and you feel lost, go to the hints in the main menu and review what does what.

My Review:  I love jewels, crystals, all sparkly things, and so I’ve played every computer game I could find that featured jewels of any kind; and I have to say these are most beautiful jewels I’ve ever seen in a computer game.  I play this game for hours without stopping, so enchanted by the beauty of those twinkling jewels that I have to remind myself to blink.

My Recommendation:  Absolutely yes.

You can try it for free, here:

For PC:   Jewel Match 3

For Mac:  Jewel Match 3


Journalistic Investigations: Stolen Inheritance

Hidden Object Game with Puzzles                                                      134 MB
Untimed                                  PC & Mac                      harder
Walkthrough needed?  Yes, if you don’t want to spend all your time looking for unrelated crap in unbelievably messy settings. (Sorry, my biases are showing.)    Journalistic Investigations: Stolen Inheritance Walkthrough

Premise:  A young but extremely experienced journalist/reporter is Maid of Honor for her best friend, and at the bridal shower a very valuable gift is stolen.  Our ‘Girl Friday’ promises to solve the crime and recover the precious heirlooms that the bride’s mother had just passed to her as an early inheritance.  The game follows her investigation and subsequent adventure.

Hints:  Use the hint button as soon as you need it — which you will — because the Hidden Object items are so difficult to find and the hint button takes forever (2 minutes?) to recharge. ~ Be sure you have a sizable block of playing time available because the game is not saved until you’ve finished a chapter.

My Review:  To be honest, I can’t give you a review of the entire game because I wasn’t able to endure it; but to be fair, I must admit that many gamers will like it, so I ask you to keep reading, below.

My Recommendation:  Because of my dislike (actually, loathing) of Hidden Object games which consist of endless strings of pigpen scenes filled with ridiculous and unnecessary crap strewn all over the place, I was tempted to advise everyone to avoid this game.  However, it also has some intriguing-looking forensics & investigation mini-puzzles that are really tempting to a mystery-lover like me… if only I could overcome this aversion… oh, what a dilemma!  In the end, I decided to leave the decision to you, Dear Reader, for I know many of you love Hidden Object games so much that you’ll even play ones like these, and therefore there are those of you who would enjoy this game.  To those of you I say, “Have fun and enjoy the investigation.”

You can try it for free, here:

For PC:   Journalistic Investigations: Stolen Inheritance

For Mac:  Journalistic Investigations: Stolen Inheritance