Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla

Hidden Object Game with Puzzles                 harder                            89 MB
Untimed Option                     PC & Mac                      Walkthrough is needed
Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla Walkthrough

Premise:  Laura is given the opportunity to find the famous (and rather odd) inventor Nikola Tesla’s last invention.  Because her Gramma knew Tesla (and had a crush on him, back in the day), Laura uses Gramma’s cottage as her home base.  (By the way, that mean man pictured on the game’s icon is Laura’s adversary — not Tesla, who was a handsome Victorian gentleman.)  Apparently Tesla gave pieces of the machine to various people in town, and Laura must locate and convince each of them to relinquish the object in their care.  To get them to trust her, she helps them with whatever problems they are currently having.

Hints:  The hint button takes a long time to replenish, so, when you have several items you can’t find, start using it before you’re ready to give up or you’ll be wasting a lot of time. ~ For the puzzles there is a skip button if you wish to give up, at which time you’ll be given the option to look for stuff in what looks like a messy cellar (a punishment?). ~ Best not to skip a puzzle if you can help it because the messy cellar hidden object scene is very difficult, with lots of miniscule things to find. ~ In the messy cellar, a “tube” was really a tuba, and a “web” was a ball of string. ~ Also, in the maddening 3rd round of the string puzzle, the hint button will reveal the solution for you to try to follow. ~ When you’ve completed the game, be sure to go back and replay the puzzles — they are different than when you did them in the game, and they have a few extra levels to them.

My Review:  There is a lot to praise about this game — it’s full of enjoyable tasks like picking flowers for a bouquet, playing hide & seek in a rose garden with Laura’s pet ferret, catching brightly colored beetles & butterflies (again for her pet ferret, who, by the way, plays an active role in the game), catching chickens (and their eggs as they roll off the roof) in Chinatown, making tea and later making supper for Gramma.  Also in its favor is the fact that the all the puzzles are important to the plot, and that the items you search for in the Hidden Object scenes are all relevant and — even more impressive — all necessary to the story.  These factors (which, sadly, are all too rare in computer games) keep you in the story and make it seem real, thus adding to your enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the Puzzles are quite difficult, and mentally challenging, and sometimes require fast mouse movement.  The Hidden Object scenes are also difficult, often with objects that are very faint or are set against a background of the same color.  I don’t know why the game designer made them so hard, considering that so much of the story’s activities would appeal to children.  Then again, children who like puzzles often are willing to put time and effort into solving them, and these puzzles are fair and ultimately solvable.

My Recommendation:  I really wish the puzzles weren’t so hard because there is so much to do in this game that is really fun — so enjoyable, in fact, that I’m recommending it for anyone, adult or child, who enjoys puzzles and challenges and is willing to work at them.

You can try it for free, here:

For PC:   Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla

For Mac:  Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla


Live Novels: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

Hidden Object Game                             easier                                    204 MB
Untimed                                    PC                           Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  “Live one of the world’s most famous novels in ‘Live Novels: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.’   As the young, wealthy and single Charles Bingly and his friend Mr. Darcy visit a neighboring estate, the respected Mrs. Bennet sees a rare opportunity to marry off one of her daughters.  Unravel a plot of intrigue, envy and romance in this beautiful game.”

Hints:  When the game starts, it says ‘Hit Any Key’ but it means ‘Click Here’. ~ Pieces of the items our heroine is looking for are hidden within the scene, perhaps against something of the same color, and you must find all the pieces to help her. ~ You expose hidden parts of the scene by moving your cursor to the extreme left or right, where there is a blue glow.  As the scene moves, your perspective changes and objects that were hidden behind something now emerge into view. ~ When you find something, click on it, and it will be added to your collection at the bottom of the screen, where there is a 2-part inventory: to see shadows of the pieces you are seeking, click on the left tab; to access and make use of the completed item, click on the right tab. ~ Feel free to click on the gem for a hint, for the hints in this game are unlimited, and they are replenished in 30 seconds.

My Review:  This game was made by Russians (as most games seem to be these days), and Russian game designers seem to have unlimited access to innumerable antique items, which they use in many of their games, enabling them to capture the flavor of a period really well — as they did here.  It is an unusual combination of Hidden Object Game and graphic novel; the game is photorealistic and quite lovely, while the story is done in comic book format with simple watercolor drawings.  The game itself is of a rather old design, primitive by today’s standards, and that will bother experienced gamers.  However, new gamers will come with fresh eyes and can more readily appreciate types of games they’ve never seen before.

My Recommendation:  I think this is a good introduction to the Hidden Object Game genre for new gamers, and could appeal to women and girls of all ages.

You can try it for free, here: Live Novels: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice