Nevertales: Shattered Image

Adventure Game with Puzzles  & some Hidden Object scenes
easier                                                            727 MB PC, 883 MB iPad
Untimed                                                             PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone
Nevertales: Shattered Image Walkthrough

Premise:  You, your husband, and your 12-year-old adopted daughter Alice are a magical family and you all have the power to travel to magical worlds through the portals you find in books, and in Alice’s case, mirrors. Unfortunately, Alice found an evil portal and now she’s gone, in mortal danger, and you must rescue her before the evil force she accidentally released into your dimension succeeds in destroying your entire world.

Hints: (These hints are generic because this game is very intuitive. You‘ll do fine if you just keep thinking and trying. ~ Sometimes the picture clues in the Hidden Object scenes are not literal objects but merely categories. ~ Scan the scene with your cursor, and when it changes to a hand, click there. ~ Use the objects in your inventory; if what you need isn’t anywhere to be found, do you have a piece of the dollhouse?  If so, click on the dollhouse in the lower left of your screen. ~ And if all else fails, ask the feather for a hint. ~ This game gives you an incredibly generous 90-minute free trial.

My Review:  This may be the best Adventure Game I have ever played. I am amazed by it. The story held me in its thrall and I am still breathless from it. The puzzles were unique, necessary, and tied directly to the plot, which I really love, and I can’t wait to finish this review so I can buy this game and rescue Alice.

My Recommendation:  Try it, and I bet you’ll buy it.

You can try it for free, here:
Nevertales: Shattered Image for PC
Nevertales: Shattered Image for Mac
Nevertales: Shattered Image for iOS


Northern Tale

Civilization-Building Game                      easier                                   175 MB
Untimed Option                      PC                              Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  In the time of the Vikings, while the warriors are away exploring foreign shores, the evil sorceress Gesta destroys their homeland and kidnaps the Viking leader Ragnar’s three daughters, whom she turns into a caged bird, a spectral deer, and a frozen statue.  When the Vikings return home, they set off to restore the land and the settlements, and to rescue the young women.  Along the way they will face many challenges, including wolves, trolls, black-shrouded spectres, bewitched skeletons, and yeti.

Hints:  If you’re new to this style of game, opt for casual mode with a tutorial.  That way you’ll have no real pressure, and you can learn how to strategize. ~  Also, by playing in casual mode, you automatically will win the 3 gold stars on each level, which will give you access to the bonus game at the end. ~ The round doesn’t start until you click on something, so before you start each round, survey the scene, locate the buildings you’ll need to restore (especially the druid’s tent and the exorcist’s hut when your paths are blocked by supernatural beings), assess your current resources (listed at the top left of the screen), and prioritize your route.  This is particularly important if you’re playing in timed mode. ~  Don’t upgrade your headquarters to earn another worker if there are no sources of replacement stones nearby, because it’ll cost you ten stones and you have other buildings to worry about. ~  If you run out of resources with no way to replenish them, you can restart the game by going to the Menu. ~ You shouldn’t wait until the men return to headquarters before giving them their next jobs; instead, you can stack their assignments by clicking on everything you can find that becomes encircled by a green or blue ring when you hover over it; if the ring is red, either you don’t have enough resources to do that task, or the site is blocked by an unfinished area. ~ Depending on what your tasks are, certain buildings will be needed sooner.  For instance, if there are several huge boulders to clear away, you’ll need lots of gold and you might need a gold mine; if you have lots of buildings to restore, the workshop will increase your ability to amass stone blocks, as will a stone block mine. ~ Some mines need to be worked by sending one of your men to it, over and over until it’s depleted, while other times a mine is manned by other workers and just needs to be upgraded if you want to increase its output. ~ The farm and the workshop produce on their own once you’ve restored them. ~ If you need more resources than your buildings are producing, you can upgrade them.

More Hints:  The magic stumps give needed resources which you should gather as soon as they appear because they cannot replenish until the available resources (food, gold, or lumber plus building stones) have been removed. ~ You’ll hear a tinkling sound when a stump has replenished its resources for you to collect. ~ If your daughter’s white wolf is around, make sure you upgrade the farm as quickly as you can, as high as it’ll go — because when he howls, he’s hungry and needs a lot of meat — but he’ll reward you by clearing paths you have no other way of getting through. ~ Look for Thor’s hammer or any other items like helmets and barrels that may have been lost or discarded, and you’ll get points for locating the pet hamsters that are hiding under some of them. ~ You don’t need to upgrade every building, nor do you need to clear away or repair absolutely everything to finish the level. ~ For instance, if a path is blocked but you can reach the other side of the blockage via another route, you can save your resources and leave that path uncleared, as long as it isn’t one of the assigned tasks listed in the upper right of your screen. ~ At the bottom of the screen there is a line with some pictures on it; these are the bonuses you will earn as time passes, and you can choose which you prefer.  For instance, do you need another worker, your men to run faster, your buildings to produce more, or your stumps to replenish instantly? ~ Keep in mind that the bonuses last for a very short time, but they will eventually replenish, so use them. ~ If you choose to have the stumps replenish instantly, wait until they’ve all been cleared off, to get the most value. ~ And you don’t need to gather every resource off of every stump at the very end of the game.  Run off to the next settlement and leave the extra items for the villagers. ~ But don’t forget the bonus round:  after the story ends, the credits have rolled, and you are returned to the main menu, press play again for one last round.

My Review:  This game is really a lot of fun, with tasks that are easy to accomplish, illustrations that are nicely drawn and large enough to see clearly, and bits of information about the Vikings.  In addition to the aforementioned hidden hamsters, I very much enjoyed looking for tiny frolicking animals like rabbits and hedgehogs, and I hope you too take a moment to enjoy them when they appear.

My Recommendation:  This game is an excellent introduction to the Strategy/Building genre; and this game, in casual mode, is easy enough for just about anyone of any age.

You can try it for free, here:   Northern Tale