Pocket Frogs

Thank you, Kate, for introducing me to this game!!!

Pocket Frogs

Life Simulation Game easier          38 MB        Untimed
PC & Mac?  No, sadly, just iOs (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) & Android
Walkthrough not needed, but there’s a great one at http://www.gamezebo.com/2010/09/21/pocket-frogs-walkthrough-cheats-strategy-guide/

Premise:  You are a frog breeder.  You receive your frogs as eggs that arrive in your nursery, where they soon hatch into the cutest, most adorable, little tiny froglets.  When they are old enough, you take them from the nursery and transfer them to one of your habitats, which are sort of like a sandbox.  Then you bring them one at a time to your frog pond, where you help them catch dragonflies, and when they’re fully mature — a.k.a. when they’re happy enough — you can bring different species together to create offspring with new colors and designs.

Hints:  I know this is asking a lot, but try not to get too attached to every one of your frogs, because you will quickly run out of space to keep them in, and additional habitats and nurseries are very expensive. ~ It’s hard to imagine but there are now 36,500 uniquely-patterned and colored frog designs in this game, another reason not to try to keep them all. ~ However, you can, and should, keep a record of your frogs in your Catalog; then you can sell them to get more coins and habitat space. Cataloging is important.

You will receive a list of the frogs that are sought after; when you receive a notice that someone is looking to buy a certain frog that you have, or know how to breed, by all means, sell it to them. ~ You can also make some money by selling frogs to the FrogMart, and if they are rare you might get a higher price than what you may have paid for it if you bought it from them. ~ You’ll need the in-game money to buy more nurseries, which you will have access to in levels 2 through 7; otherwise you’ll be tempted to pay real cash. ~ The more you play, the more new frog species open up for you to attempt to produce.

New players start the game with a nursery, a couple of frogs (a Green Folium Anura and a Cocos Bruna Anura) in one habitat, and 1000 coins. After taming these frogs, you can engage a frog in activities such as breeding, racing, playing the puzzle game, and hopping around the pond. ~ Besides breeding, new frogs can also be purchased from the FrogMart with coins, gifted by friends, or found in presents. ~ When you have progressed to level eight, very rare frogs (“lost” breeds) may appear in the pond, which are worth lots of money and XP.

It’s important to always remember that each habitat, including the nursery, can only hold up to eight frogs, and once they’re full you simply can’t add another, so don’t try to breed your frogs if your nursery already has eight eggs and/or little frogs. ~ Similarly, the mailbox only has eight slots, and you must have an open mailbox slot in order to accept a gift, or a frog as a prize for winning a race.

After your egg has hatched, your little frog will mature on his own, but you can speed up the process by bringing it to the pond and helping it to catch dragonflies; the bigger the bug, the greater the effect. ~ Feeding your frog increases its maturity and also its happiness, and makes it tame. ~ You can also mature the frog with a potion. ~ Stamps are used to instantly mature the items in your mailbox. ~ However, you’ll need those potions and stamps later in the game, so it’s best to not use them yet; just let everything mature in its own time when you can. ~ Stamps are also needed when you send a frog as a gift to a friend.

To move your frog from one habitat to another, or to the pond, or to sell or give it away as a gift to one of your friends, just tap your frog; this accesses the Move, Pond, and Sell icons, as well as Gift, Breed, and Catalog.

To get your frog to move through the pond and eat the dragonflies as they flutter by, tap an adjacent lily pad where you want your frog to go, aiming it so that it crosses the dragonfly’s path. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds.

If you decide to become a breeder, you might want to keep a written record of which pairs make what new design, so you won‘t waste time and space breeding frogs you‘ve already created. ~ Breeding can be done between any of your own adult frogs of your choosing as long as they are within the same habitat, or between one of your frogs and any wild frog you may find in the pond. ~ When you find another frog that you would like to breed your frog with, hop yours onto the lily pad that the other frog is occupying; you may have to pursue the other frog first. ~ Just be sure there’s room in the nursery and in one of your habitats. ~ To make space in your habitats, you should record your mature frogs in a collection, which you access by tapping the frog and selecting the Catalog icon. After you have recorded it, you can sell it, and then you can buy it back when you need to breed it to get a certain new variety of frog. It is very important to catalog your frogs before you sell or gift them.

Look in the Awards area to learn how to earn more XP (Experience Points), which you need to level up and get access to more breeds. You can also learn which frogs might be worth paying to breed.

When you trade or gift a frog, or fill a Frog Request, you lose that frog. ~ And speaking of gifts, look for them in the pond where they’ll be sitting on a lily pad, and whenever you see one, take it. ~ Always try to keep one open mailbox slot in order to accept the gift when it arrives, otherwise you will lose that gift.

You may enter a mature frog in a frog race. ~ Before you enter your frog in a race, raise its happiness level as high as it can go by getting it to eat dragonflies. ~ If your frog wins the race, you have the option of choosing one of the competitor frogs as your prize, or accepting a coin reward. ~ Coin prizes are available for first, second and third place. ~ It’s important to remember that you must have an open mailbox slot in order to accept a frog as a prize.

You can share your frogs via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Weblink). ~ Also, if you join the Plus+ family, you can view your friend’s frog habitats, and you can send them gifts and money. Easy instructions for everything are detailed in the Walkthrough link on this page.

Filling Frog Requests is a way to earn stamps, potions, and additional coins. ~ There is an in-game notification when a new request is available, and this request can be reviewed at any time via the Menu. ~ Requests can be declined or filled when the mature frog requested is available in a habitat. ~ When you fill a Frog Request, the requested frog is then removed from the habitat. ~ If you choose to deny a request, a new request will usually be sent within 15 minutes.

Weekly Sets reward players with stamps and potions for collecting a defined set of frogs. A new set is released every week on Wednesday night (Thursday morning) at midnight, U.S. Eastern time. Completing a Weekly Set does not require all frogs to be in the same habitat. Also, the frogs will not be taken away when the Weekly Set is completed, unlike Frog Requests.

Here are some websites which are filled with information, including completed charts and detailed illustrations, to make it easier for you, especially if you decide to get into breeding:
http://pocketfrogs.wikia.com/wiki/Gameplay is a website with 193 pages of information about the game.
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id395953473 is the Froggydex, which is an index of illustrated charts showing every frog design, according to breed.
http://www.gamezebo.com/2010/09/21/pocket-frogs-walkthrough-cheats-strategy-guide/ is a very thorough Walkthrough with a wealth of information and detailed explanations on how to get the most out of the game.

My Review:  OMG, this game is CUTE !!!  And I like that you can play it for just a few minutes at a time.  You can play it just for the fun of playing with your frogs, or looking for wild frogs and gift-wrapped presents, or for the challenge of breeding and collecting and trading, if you’re into that.  Either way, this is a great game.  Oh, and BTW, it’s FREE !!! Wow !!!  And be assured that no purchase is necessary to play.

My Recommendation:  I instantly fell in love with this game, got myself to a computer store and almost spent $350 on an iPad just so I could play this game.  Luckily I stopped myself in time, but I can’t imagine a stronger recommendation than that!  (Assuming, of course, that you already have an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android to play it on!)

By the way — very important! — your iOS must be at least version 6.0 to play this game, so buying an old version of iPad, perhaps used or refurbished, just won’t do it.  Apple refuses to upgrade older versions, even 5.1, to 6.0.  Sigh.  And I’m told the Android OS needs to be at least 2.0.  And although the Apple version of the game is played off-line, the Android version requires a data connection to play the game.

You can get it for free, here:
For iOS:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-frogs-free-pet-farming/id386644958?mt=8
For Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobage.ww.a435.pocketfrogs_android


Pahelika: Secret Legends

Adventure Game with Puzzles                     harder                             74 MB
Untimed                                  PC                              Walkthrough is needed

This game is not one I ordinarily would recommend to women, especially newcomers to computer games, but, just in case it might be your cup of tea, I’ll give you my very rough and incomplete summary based on my trying this game a long while ago, and not yet finishing it.
(My apologies for its brevity.)

I enjoyed this gentle adventure game with its tricky puzzles and relaxing music, but I remember this game as being difficult, so if you are a newcomer to adventure games and puzzles, I’m not sure you’ll like it.  Because the game is not always intuitive or able to be solved with logic or reasoning but sometimes requires what seems to me to be random clicking, I can’t imagine being able to play it without using the walkthrough several times in every scene.  You can find that walkthrough here:  Pahelika: Secret Legends Walkthrough

Be sure to click on every item that sparkles, and very slowly move your cursor over everything to reveal any sparkling item you may not have noticed, for some of the sparkles are faint. ~ Also look for small rectangles within items, walls, pillars, statues, etc. that may actually be small drawers or loose bricks.

If you want to give it a try, you can test it for free:  Pahelika: Secret Legends

Paris Mahjong

Mahjong Game                                           easier                                  35 MB
Untimed Option               PC, Mac, iPad                  Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  Our Parisian girl will get a free haircut if she can solve 10 Mahjong puzzles.  On her way to the salon she finds more puzzles on the Metro, and she keeps finding puzzles as she travels around Paris.

Hints: As in all Mahjong games, find matching pairs that have at least one free left side or right side. ~ It is most important to clear the lines of tiles that are horizontally the longest. ~ Next in importance is reducing the tallest stacks. ~ Keep those priorities in mind when there are more than two identical tiles to choose from.

More Hints:  Refrain from matching the special hint tiles — especially the scissors — as long as possible because hints do not accumulate; you have one of each, and when it’s gone, then you must find another pair to replenish it. ~ Best strategy is to end each round with all your hints replenished, in case you need them early in the next round. ~ And if you want a relaxing game, turn the frenetic music off in the Options panel in the Main Menu.

My Review:  Contrary to how it is advertised, this not a travel experience — I played for 2 hours and was still on the Metro subway — and the artwork is very simple, watercolors with no details — so if you want to see Paris, this isn’t your ticket there.  Instead, this is a very simple Mahjong game which, played in the Untimed mode, you cannot lose; when you have no more matches, the game automatically scrambles the tiles for you and gives you easier combinations.  Therefore, it is a good game for beginners and children.  Another advantage (and this is a great advantage in my opinion) is that the pictures on the tiles are attractive and easy to see: in the beginning rounds, the pictures are romantic — hearts, bouquets of flowers, love letters, valentine cards, champagne, chocolate cake, boxes of chocolates, and engagement rings — all fun and much easier to match than the traditional Mahjong designs.  Later (much later) you are rewarded with jeweled tiles.

My Recommendation:  If you want a pleasant little game to play whenever you have a bit of time, this is a good choice.

You can try it for free, here: Paris Mahjong