Unlikely Suspects

Hidden Object Game                                 easier                                  67 MB
Untimed                                 PC & Mac                   Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  You are a detective with Interpol, solving murders by tracking clues and suspects all over the world.

Hints:  There are 2 police badges in each Hidden Object scene but if you can’t find them both, don’t worry, you’ll be returning there again and again as you investigate other cases, and the badges will both be there… so eventually you’ll get the 50 you need just by repeatedly clicking the ones you can see. ~ Click on a word in the list to get an outline of its shape, also click on a word to use a hint, which you should do immediately and whenever it replenishes. ~ The hints take a ridiculous 2½  minutes to replenish!  While waiting, click everywhere, as so many objects are hidden in the shadows and are virtually invisible.

My Review:  I really wanted this game to be good because it seemed to have features that would make me feel like a real detective, but it faked me out on that score.  You don’t actually investigate a crime scene or interrogate witnesses, you just spend all your time waiting for the hint button to recharge while you click randomly and futilely, because you can’t find any of those useless and meaningless items hidden in those shadows.  And as for those items, most of them aren’t even real, just images plastered onto everything, and out of scale, like a skateboard the size of an airplane door, or a 6 ft long nail along the edge of a roof.  Two and a half minutes is the longest I’ve ever encountered as a hint-waiting-time in a game, and it’s really unbearable.  If you don’t click randomly, you could conceivably wait an entire half hour per scene, at 2½ min. times 12 items.  And there are lots of those scenes per case.

Okay, now that I’ve had my rant, I’m willing to admit that I went back to the game after reading lots of adoring reviews, wondering, “Did we play the same game?”  I tried it with random clicking all over the place while waiting for the hint button to recharge, and lo and behold, I had located almost everything in that manner.  Now that I was able to get somewhere, I found that the game was becoming fun to play.  And of course that’s when the free trial ran out.

And the fact is, as soon as I started clicking madly all over the place and starting progressing through the game, I saw that after the (unbearable, to me at least) hidden object scenes (a.k.a. HOS) were completed, you really did act like a detective.  Darn, now I have to buy this game — and support a company that pads their games with absurd and ridiculous HOS — just so I can play detective.  (That’s how much I want to play detective.)

My Recommendation:  Believe me, I’d rather bite my tongue than say these words aloud, but I’m going to recommend this pigpen HOS game.  This game is appropriate for all ages, from pre-teen through adult, and all those reviewers were right — it’s a fun game — if you can stand the HOS.

If this sounds like a game you’d like to try, you can try it for free, here:

Unlikely Suspects