Wizard Land

Match 3 Game (with variations)                    harder                              33 MB
Untimed                                  PC & Mac                  Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  There was a magic land of fairies and wizards and magical creatures, and it was all held together by the force of a magic crystal until a wicked wizard stole the energy crystal and turned that land, and everyone in it, into stone.  Now, a travelling wizard has come to restore the land and the crystal that maintained it.  By solving magical puzzles he gains the energy he needs to bring it all back, one step at a time.

Hints:  Choose the variety of Match 3 that works best for you, and keep rotating the grid to use gravity to your advantage. ~ Up to a certain point you can switch modes even within a level. ~ Allow yourself to ignore the hints that the game is giving when it causes the pieces to tremble, as if they’re saying “choose me, choose me”, because those are almost never useful moves. ~ The key cannot cross the dotted red borders of the path it is travelling, so don‘t worry that it will fall through. ~ And by the way, you can turn off the inappropriate music and the sound of the wizard’s ridiculous voice through the options section of the main menu, thank goodness!

My Review:  This game offers 3 easy-to-learn Match 3 variations, and you can choose the style of Match 3 with each round, rotating the screen to control the direction in which the pieces will fall.  After you’ve broken the chains and destroyed the wooden crates and all the white background tiles, a key appears, which, by rotating the screen to control the direction in which the key falls, you guide it along a path and into a little chain circle to complete the level.  Sufficiently challenging but without a time limit, you have the opportunity to strategize.

My Recommendation:  If you are looking for a game which features magic in the game itself, this isn’t it — the magic is only in the title and the opening intro — but if you like Match 3 games, this game offers an interesting change.  Beginners might find it frustrating because it quickly becomes difficult, but for those who like Match-3 games and want more of a challenge, this is an attractive choice.  I recommend it to experienced players from middle school age (if they have patience & persistence) through Adult.

You can try it for free, here:

For PC:   Wizard Land

For Mac:  Wizard Land