Youda Fairy

Time Management / Arcade / Action Game                  easier               61 MB
No Untimed Option               PC  & Mac                   Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  A wizard comes to you and asks for your help, and he looks a bit like Professor Dumbledore, so how can you refuse?  The forest needs fairies and so do the villagers, who are plagued by woes;  fairies can help them, and you have been chosen to create more fairies.  You create the fairies by using water lilies and spiders to catch fireflies, because a fairy will emerge from a water lily once enough fireflies have been caught.  You then guide the fairy to a lantern and later release her and send her to a villager’s house.

Hints:  Everything depends upon the color: Match the color of the water lily to the color of the fireflies and you will create a fairy of that color; put her into the lantern of that color and release her to a house of that color. ~ Work quickly if you want to earn crystal bonuses. ~ The spiders are the secret to success. ~ As soon as a spider emerges from its cocoon, use it to gather fireflies. ~ Use the spider and its silk thread to link all the fireflies of the same color as the spider, and that will hasten your progress considerably. ~ As soon as the water lily’s lily pad turns to the color of its flower, click on it to release the new fairy and quickly guide her to the lantern. ~ If you don’t finish on time, you can repeat the level as often as necessary by clicking on the glowing ball with no crystal above it on the map. ~ Spend your earned cash on castle upgrades as soon as you are able to do it because each upgrade helps you in some way.

My Review:  This game is so beautiful, it enchants me — I want to stop playing just to stare at the fairies.  How did I not know about this game before now?  And it’s fun to play, too — as long as you don’t mind replaying a level again and again to earn a crystal — because of course you want that crystal.  The game is timed and it gets harder and harder very quickly, which ordinarily is the kiss of death for this reviewer… but those fairies are so pretty that I’m willing to play again and again just to see them.  I suspect everyone — especially young girls — will feel the same way.

My Recommendation:  If you or your daughter have perseverance and can handle the frustration that timed games create, and you love fairies, this is your game.

You can try it for free, here:

For PC:   Youda Fairy

For Mac:  Youda Fairy


Youda Survivor & Youda Survivor 2

Time Management Game                    easier                        67 MB & 130 MB
Timer can be ignored            PC & Mac                    Walkthrough not needed

Premise:  A castaway must learn to survive by catching crabs, feeding pelicans and other creatures, gathering food and water, and earning points to buy supplies from the natives.  Eventually two natives help him: a diver who gathers shrimp etc. for him and the animals, and a potion-brewing woman who boils the water & the food.

Hints:  Keep repeating scenes you enjoy because you’ll need the points, but don’t worry about winning gold or silver awards. Later, when you have enough points to max out everything available to you, you can go back and try for better scores if you wish. ~ Keep your castaway fed and hydrated — you don’t want him weak and woozy while fighting off the pirates who keep trying to steal his food. ~ Make collecting & boiling the water a top priority — especially the boiling because the unboiled water takes up the most space in your storage hut and you’ll want the space for the food you’re amassing. ~ And if you’re running out of water, I’ve found that boiling 4 buckets hydrates our hero just as thoroughly as 5 will.

My Review:  These are very forgiving (user-friendly) time management games and, unlike most time management games, you can continue as long as you need to after the time runs out; you’ll just earn fewer points.

My Recommendation:  I find these games to be pleasantly addictive and I recommend them, even for newbies.  Start with the first one if you can, as the sequel seems to be a bit more difficult.

You can try them for free, here:

For PC:   Youda Survivor
For Mac:  Youda Survivor

For PC:   Youda Survivor 2
For Mac:  Youda Survivor 2